7th October 2019

Vince, Estelle Sandford and James Begley.

A trip to An Unexpected Development (AUD) followed by a tour around the rest of the cave. There were a few puddles of water along the way to AUD including a pond at the ‘dig’ in the lowest point in the rift. That was a surprise. Looking up the rift, thought to myself “really ought to finish that climb!”.

I had brought along my 100 LED 395nm UV torch to try out in parts of AUD. However, that turned out to be disappointing as the torch had turned ‘on’ inside my bag so the batteries were depleted – will have to try harder next time!

UV illumination.

There was a pool of water in the low crawl into Trick or Treat so that became well lubricated. Toil and Trouble somehow appeared shorter but that must be in the mind only. In the Cold Gnarly North there is a bit more water in the ‘lake’ than there was on Saturday. The dig is still dry and there was a good detectable movement of air noted.

I think the guests enjoyed the trip.

Back again tomorrow. Might find some clean [and dry] kit for that trip!

Author: mendipgeoarch

Archaeologist, Geologist, Speleologist