2nd November 2019

Report by Jon.

I was away digging Harry Thomas Cave on Gower this weekend; Jon supplied the following summary of events:

“Only three of the team (Jon, Jake and Duncan) were available to dig on this wet and blustery morning.  A prompt start was made.  Duncan took the lead position at the end of the Gnarly North, supported by Jake.  Jon stacked bags at the bottom of the slope.

 After the previous session, visions of simply removing the loose rocks from the floor and rapidly moving to the constriction were perhaps to be expected.  However, the digging was hard work.  The apparently loose rocks are somewhat calcited.  Progress was slow.

The floor leading up to the rift was further lowered, but a hard edge proved difficult to dig out and may need to be removed by other means.

All three of the team took a turn at digging before nature called and a departure was made.  No spoil was removed today.  A good hauling team will be required shortly.”

Author: mendipgeoarch

Archaeologist, Geologist, Speleologist