7th November 2019

Report by Vince.

With Nick, Jake, Jon, Tav, Duncan and Mike.

Far too big a team for the current requirements in the Wookey Hole dig but perfect for clearing the bags from the [current] end of Hallowe’en, the rocks could be left for another day.

I went to the end with Nick, so he could have a quick look before we started shifting bags. Mike was just beyond the lake, Tav opted to be in the water, Duncan seemed very content at his corner station, Jake at the Junction and Jon stacking the filled bags in the entrance. Everyone was happy!

When enough bags had been cleared back from the end, I moved along the line to relieve Jon, who went to the surface and hauled the spoil out of the cave. 60+ bags and a couple of skip loads of rock to the surface. The bags were emptied at the end of the evening, re-bundled and returned below ground ready for the weekend.

A productive and enjoyable session!

Author: mendipgeoarch

Archaeologist, Geologist, Speleologist