16th November 2019

Report by Vince.

With Brockers, Jake, Jon and Nick.

The main objective of the morning was to clear out the accumulation of spoil left in the cave after the last couple of digging sessions. Once we got over the “Who’s wearing what?” and Who’s going where?” debate, we made it underground. I went up to the end to make sure it was ready for the next application of IRS, the rest of the team got on with moving filled bags and loose rocks back to the Junction.

At the end everything was clean and tidy ready for the mid-week visit until I decided to start tapping some exposed rock surfaces and came across an almost loose slab, it had to come out. After a bit of a wrestling match I had it mobile just as Jon arrived to see if there was anything to move back, very fortuitous. The slab of rock was out of the way and soon reduced in size. A few bags and loose rocks were hauled out of the way then Jon and I went to join the others.

Soon, all the spoil was out to the surface, 83 loads – 45 bags emptied and 38 skip loads of rock, lots of stuff for the wall some time in the future. All done in good time and we were in the pub earlier than usual!

Author: mendipgeoarch

Archaeologist, Geologist, Speleologist