23rd November 2019

Vince, Nick, Brockers, Jake, and Tav.

The Lake

Nick and Brockers were digging, ensuring it was clean and tidy ready for the next application of IRS. Jake and Tav were along the passages hauling the loaded skip along to me at the corner on the north side of the lake (where it was dry). The filled bags were stashed ready for hauling out later. There was a slight delay to the start of hauling while Jake sorted out a replacement skip.

When the available space was just about filled and there wasn’t any loose material left at the dig, it was time shift positions and start to clear the spoil out of the cave. Had a quick peek at the end with Jake before heading out, clearing bags on the way.

A very neat stack of bags in the entrance was dismantled as the bags were cleared out to the surface. 55 bags and 1 rock added to the spoil heap, good session.

Author: mendipgeoarch

Archaeologist, Geologist, Speleologist