17th December 2019


Finished work, collected supplies, then home to prepare and pack everything for this evening’s trip into Hallowe’en Rift. Soon it was time to drive over the hill to the farm, got changed and walked across the field, into the woods to the cave entrance.

Underground, the lake wasn’t any drier, cold too! Plan is to continue the good works at the current end of the Cold Gnarly North, beyond the aven, following the northwest passage. Almost 7no. holes drilled and filled, up to 500mm length x 12mm dia., the 7th hole only 350mm length as battery power faded. A slight change in material and a 2nd det. made a loud bang this evening. Should be plenty to clear next digging session.

Got home after a quick stop at the Hunter’s, then the task of unpacking the kit to let it dry out before the next session/instalment. Washing machine loaded with wet, muddy under-garments and into the bath for me.

Author: mendipgeoarch

Archaeologist, Geologist, Speleologist