18th February

Report by Vince


Collected supplies and straight to the farm to get ready to go into Hallowe’en Rift, underground by 18:20.

The plan was, rather than progressing the end, I would remove a few ‘bulges’ from the wall and make the passage a bit roomier. When I arrived at the end of the Cold Gnarly North, I was surprised at how wet the narrow rift had become. The trench in the floor was now a deep puddle and at the current end where I was to be working, it also now contained a puddle of water. I would have to be careful where I put the drill down, lithium ion batteries do not like water!

4no. holes were drilled, up to 550mm length x 10mm diameter, filled and fired from a safe distance. As usual, rock could be heard repositioning itself, should be stuff to clear on the weekend.

Author: mendipgeoarch

Archaeologist, Geologist, Speleologist