Log entry, 16th August 2020

It’s been a bit hectic lately and haven’t had the time to update the blog until now.

15th August 2020

Vince, Jon, Jake, Duncan, Brockers and Nick.

Might be under some time pressure today as the Hunter’s has re-opened at last. As expected, the main topic of conversation at the farm was – the pub’s open!

Got to the dig after reeling in the wire, all was good, Jon declined the offer to swap places, so I got on with clearing the debris. All clear, the expansion works continued.

By the time I surfaced the team had gone, I secured the cave and returned to the farm, as expected there was no-one there, all had left. I found them at the Hunter’s, sat in the garden, in the rain but their little faces were beaming with happiness. Ah! The simple pleasures of a digging trip.

8th August 2020

Vince, Brockers, Jon and Duncan.

All good at the current end of Cold Gnarly North, Brockers cleared the loose debris and fractured rock, loading it directly into the skip. Back in the small chamber near the aven, I hauled the loaded skip back and emptied the contents into bags, transferred the filled bags to another skip which was hauled away by Duncan and on to Jon who temporarily stashed the filled bags in a convenient location awaiting removal later in the session. When all hade been cleared from the far end the team moved back and the bags were hauled out to the surface and emptied onto the spoil heap. Meanwhile, the expansion process continues.

I emerged from the cave into very warm sunshine. Refreshments at the farm, a chinwag and then home to clean and sort the kit. Off to Gower later this afternoon.

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