3rd October 2020

Vince, Jake, Jon, and Nick.

Back to the east-side of the entrance to have another, more concentrated look at the potential leads we noted last weekend. We split into two pairs with each tackling a lead. Jon and I looked at a location just beyond the climb down, “Thalt shall not dig there”, that leads into the bedding, while Jake and Nick explored to the left-side of the breakthrough point into “An Unexpected Development (AUD)”.

Jon and I cleared a narrow path through the fractured flowstone following a roof ‘trough’ for a few metres to reach a calcited blockage and no real prospect of progressing further. A tiny airspace can be seen to follow a phreatic arched passage, but it is probably not worth the effort. Jake and Nick had a bit more success in extending the low bedding that had been entered last session and added about a body length to it. This is heading towards the AUD extension to the right of the breakthrough, not much to be gained pursuing this any further. In the aven area, calcite is the problem, the gaps are small, and the flowstone is thick and fills them all. Can’t ‘bang’ it and can’t budge it with a bar either. So, all in all, inconclusive. It will require some thought. We called it a day.

Author: mendipgeoarch

Archaeologist, Geologist, Speleologist