2nd October

With Nick, Jon, Duncan, Tav, and Jake.

Nick and Jon digging, I was on the ledge, Duncan at the junction/corner, Tav at the bottom of the entrance, leaving Jake on the surface to haul out the spoil and the weather wasn’t great, it didn’t improve either!

Digging progressed at a steady rate although there was a moment of alarm when a very large slab of rock detached from the wall and landed on Nick’s head, thankfully, Nick was okay. Jon then attacked the offending rock with the sledgehammer until deciding that plugs and feathers might be a better way of size reduction. The morning progressed without any further incident. However, it was noticed that the approach passages were becoming rather wet, a small stream now flowing down the entrance. The available bags were all filled, and we thought it time to exit the cave and empty the accumulated bags up on the surface.

Due to the inclement weather and the forecast was that it would get wetter we made a group decision to call it a day and head back down to the farm and make our ways to our respective homes.

Further down in the deep Soft South!

Author: mendipgeoarch

Archaeologist, Geologist, Speleologist