4th December

With Nick, Jake, Jon, and Brockers

Nick was left to do the digging, he seemed very pleased with the latest acquisition from a local car-boot, I hauled up the filled bags and sporadic dislodged rock or chunk of flowstone. Jake was catching the hauling bucket on the ledge, Jon at the junction with Brockers stacking everything in the entrance to be cleared out later in the morning.

Nick fills bags, the newly acquired long bar not far from his side!

The digging effort was concentrated at the eastern side of the pot (Soft South) where we are at least one metre into what appears to be a substantial choked “passage”. There is some interesting and intriguing sediment deposition ranging from fine compacted silt, loosely compacted medium to coarse sand, shattered calcite flowstone blocks, and cobbles/boulders of dolomitic conglomerate. Layering is clearly visible with evidence of high energy flow and static water, and ice damage.

Composite image of the passage on the east side of the pot.

All the bags filled including the hessian sack, it was time to clear out the cave and add some more spoil to the heap!

Author: mendipgeoarch

Archaeologist, Geologist, Speleologist