18th December

With Jake, Jon, Brockers, and Nick.

At the farm, Duncan stopped by briefly to drop of some fresh bags and to recount yesterday’s trip into Wookey Hole with Max. Sounded interesting.

Wasn’t too sure how many were going to turn up today as only Jon and Duncan replied to my earlier email. Eventually, a team of five assembled, changed, and walked up across the fields to the cave. A short discussion about ‘who was doing what’ ensued culminating in Jon and Brockers heading off to the deep Soft South to dig, Nick took up position on the ledge, I was at the junction and Jake, stacking stuff at the bottom of the entrance.

Jake gets sorted at the bottom of the entrance.

I went a short distance towards the Cold Gnarly North to retrieve a neoprene mat from ‘Duncan’s corner’ and collected a few more empty bags too. In was noted that there was plenty of water in the spa just ahead. The neoprene mat (now in two halves) was fashioned into comfy seats by upcycling old skips and bags foe me and Jake. All available bags, c.100, were filled, hauled, and stored in the entrance, the end of the digging activity signalled by the ceremonial filling of the ‘hessian’ bag. It was time to move up to the surface and clear out the cave, top up the spoil heap and add more stones to the terrace wall, thus creating more spoil space. It had been a very pleasant session.

Skip away!

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