19th February

With Tav, Duncan, Jake, Jon, Brockers, and Nick

Me and Tav on surface duties after digging last weekend, we alternated emptying bags, building a wall, and hauling. Duncan and Jake took up position at the bottom of the entrance and the junction, respectively. Brockers was in isolation on the ledge, leaving Jon and Nick to do the digging bit. This combination of digging team resulted in alternating batches of sensibly-filled bags and over enthusiastically-filled bags, the heavier bags were less welcomed at the hauling stage as the rope became increasingly claggy as the morning moved on. By the end of the session, 124 bags had been emptied onto the spoil heap, and about two dozen loads of rocks added to the terrace wall or the stockpile. The weather was more settled following Storm Eunice, although it was still breezy and there was the occasional squally shower.

Author: mendipgeoarch

Archaeologist, Geologist, Speleologist