19th November

With Nick, Jon, Brockers, Jake, Tav, and Mike

A good turn-out today this would mean that all spoil could be removed directly to the surface. More time for digging; more stuff removed!

Down in the deep Soft South, me and Nick were digging. I was working in the area of the calcited blockage at the current furthest point, while Nick was happily reducing the floor level along the [presently] elevated section. Jon was shuttling back and forth along the approach passage to the pot with the spoil (filled bags and rocks). Brockers was positioned on the ledge and, after that, not entirely sure who was where, except that Jake was on the surface. As the session progressed it was becoming apparent that there is ‘something’ continuing above and beyond the [now three] stalagmites. I had cleared a space and could look upwards to some jammed cobbles and boulders that will not be easy to remove without getting a faceful of fine sediment or a clatter of stones. It might be a connection with Trick or Treat, or it might prove to be nothing, only further digging will tell one way or t’other.

A total of 98 filled bags and about 10 skip-loads of rock were added to respective piles. It had been a fine, enjoyable session. Time for some refreshments at the Hunter’s Lodge Inn.

Author: mendipgeoarch

Archaeologist, Geologist, Speleologist