8th April

With Brockers, Jon, Jake, and Tav

It was reported that a large boulder required some attention. So, I got to HR early loaded with drill + plugs and feathers packed. Although it had been quite dry for the last few days it was still wet in the cave, and it wouldn’t take too long to become rather squalid once digging was underway.

Got to the dig at the current end of the NE passage beyond the pissing tree (off the pot in the deep Soft South) and there was a sizeable boulder ready for size reduction. Unpacked kit and got work. Soon after Brockers turned up to remove the reduced lumps of rock while finished off. Brockers went off to do something else and I loosened sediment and started filling bags. Then Jon appeared and cleared away the bags, I carried on digging. Jake and Tav were somewhere in the cave doing their bit to redistribute the bagged spoil. Not sure who was doing what.

Although there was plenty of fine sediment to loosen and put into bags at the current base level there were more rocks to be removed. One large boulder was eventually moved to one-side for further attention later in the session. Cleaned down to what appears to be a significantly rockier layer that may or may not be large boulders, bit too early to be certain. At midday, filling bags ceased and while the rest of the team moved back to clear out the cave, I remained to reduce the boulder put aside earlier to more manageable pieces. That done I packed kit away and exited the cave. On the surface the others were waiting. Cave secured we left. Refreshments were taken at the Hunter’s Lodge Inn as usual.

Author: mendipgeoarch

Archaeologist, Geologist, Speleologist