3rd June

Report by Jon

“The draw of long distance walking and record fairs reduced the team to four members this week. Jake assumed the role of key-holder, but Jon was appointed key-carrier by virtue of having a zipped pocket in his boiler suit.

At the front, Jon dug, supported by Jake. The initial focus was straight ahead, revealing a little more of the rocky floor uncovered last week. The effort then moved to a small air gap high on the left hand side. Some easy digging revealed what appeared to be the left hand edge of the block in the roof. With three edges uncovered, the question is what keeps the roof in place? Some nervous digging determined that it is not a clear cut edge, but we need to be cautious of a line of weakness at this point.

It looks as though there is development to the left. There are small air gaps appearing in the roof, the infill is easier to dig and the top layer is almost dry and dusty.

Nick did the horizontal haul and carry back to the pot. There was no pool of water at the haul; it is now somewhat sticky. Greater effort is needed to haul the skip, but on the positive side the hauler can stay dry. It remains wet and muddy underfoot.

Tav worked on the ledge and stacked at the entrance. He also acted as time-keeper. Time was called after 80 bags of spoil were stacked. All bags were hauled out and emptied. The team then retired to a local hostelry for liquid refreshment.”

Author: mendipgeoarch

Archaeologist, Geologist, Speleologist