5th August

Vince, Tav, Brockers, Nick, Jon, and Jake

Full team available today which means the spoil will be moved, in one go, from dig to surface.

At the current dig, down in the deep Soft South at the end of the NE passage below Trick or Treat, Tav worked away in the righthand corner, loosening sediment, filling bags, and removing a section of ‘false floor’ comprised of slightly degrading calcite. I was clearing away the spoil, up and over the ‘bench’ and dropping into the lower section of passage and loading onto the drag tray. Brockers hauled the spoil away, shuttling it along to pot, and loading the bucket, then hauling it up to Nick on the ledge. In addition, a large quantity of the stockpile of rocks in pot were moved out of the cave. From the ledge, Nick transferred the spoil to the next skip to Jon at the base of the entrance. Jake was on the surface (in the rain) hauling filled bags and rocks up to the surface.

As usual, the digging came to a natural pause around midday when all out from the cave to empty to 70- or so bags on to the spoil heap. Surface conditions weren’t great after the rain which had now stopped.

All to the Hunter’s Lodge Inn for refreshments!

Dig-face at end of play, 5th August 2023

Author: mendipgeoarch

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