2nd December

Vince, Brockers, Jon, Nick, and Tav

Little bit of a problem to start the session, the sub-zero temperatures of the last couple of days had resulted in a frozen lock. I spent quite a while fiddling with it to no avail, then Jon “dragon-breath” Riley had a go – almost immediately the lock was freed and the cave open and accessible.

Down at the dig, Brockers grasped the reins, forging ahead and filling bags aided by Jon. I was on the ‘other side’ of the hump, loading the skip to be hauled away by Nick, until he had a malfunction and Tav took over. Some of the filled bags made it to the bottom of the entrance, the rest were temporarily stored in the pot. Just before midday digging activities were curtailed and the filled bags were shifted out of the cave.

Eighty-three filled bags were hauled out and emptied onto the spoil heap. A productive session. It was still cold, and a low mist had settled into the valley. Time for the warmth of the pub to debrief and get some refreshments.

Back at home, kit to wash!