20th January

Vince, Tav, Mike, Jon, and Nick

A bit down on numbers today – no matter still plenty to make some progress. Arrived at the cave, packed the “freeze-dried” bags that were left hanging up ready to be refilled later, then all underground. Tav led the way to the dig on the northern side of Trick or Treat with Mike to assist, Jon was at the ‘hump,’ Nick transporting the spoil along the NE passage to the pot, and I was up on the ledge.

 There was a bit of a delay in bags arriving, so I was tempted to take a poke at Nick’s ‘dig’ off to one side of the ledge, an action that immediately aroused interest in from Nick. Jon came along with a message from Tav that “progress would be slow, and bags could be temporarily stockpiled.” That was it really, Nick’s “Can of Worms” was opened and was developed further through the course of the morning. With the three of us spoil could be moved all the way to the bottom of the entrance. Every now and again we (me, Nick, Jon) reverted back to clearing the stockpiled bags from Tav and Mike. When about 50 or 60 bags (and rocks) had accumulated at the bottom of the entrance we then thought we had better get the spoil out to the surface, which we did. Jon remaining on the surface to empty the bags while Nick and I headed back along towards Trick or Treat to clear the bags from there.

 Digging activities thereafter came to an end and the last few bags were hauled out to the surface and emptied. All the session’s bags were hung up on the lines to dry or more likely rinsed off if the latest weather forecast is correct for the week ahead – Storm Isha arrives tomorrow apparently! Hopefully, they won’t all blow away.

 Todays’ total, c. 80 bags filled, hauled, and emptied, plus a couple of skip loads of rock added the wall-building stockpile. To the Hunter’s for refreshments.