10th February

Vince, Nick, Jon, Jake, Tav, and Mike

Just one down in numbers today. Continued to dig on two fronts at each end of a NE/SW line. Nick on a solo effort at the NE extent on the far side of Trick or Treat (now approaching An Unexpected Development), every now and again the support team going along to clear the accumulated pile of filled bags. At the SW extent, in the “Can of Worms” it was my turn to dig. This dig is still in its infancy at this early stage and will need some time to develop, we might then begin to conjecture about what is happening, or not. It is, however, a very comfortable digging spot.

 The spoil was being taken all the way out to the surface where Jake was busy hauling, the bags were also being emptied. The spoil was being tipped over the wall into the new extension where it will be levelled later in the week. The new extension means it is quite a bit easier/quicker to dispose of spoil. A good, steady session with about 140 bags filled, hauled, and emptied from the two digs.

It was noted, by at least one of the support team, that the heady aroma of “peppermint” had not quite dissipated, requiring an occasional trip to the surface to help empty bags and get a breath of fresh air!

 Up to the Hunter’s for the usual refreshments.