16th February

Vince, Tav, Nick, Jon, Jake, Brockers

Following the recent trend digging was continued on two fronts each end of a NE/SW line. I was on the solo effort at the far NE extent while Tav was at the SW extent opening a ‘Can of Worms’ accompanied by the newly acquired ‘Wormslayer’ replacing the measly pick that I broke last weekend. The support team  (underground section) comprised Jake, Brockers, and Jon, with Nick on surface duties this weekend.

 At the NE extent, digging was slow but steady in the slightly constricted space. It is rather squalid as there is a strong drip of water, especially where you need to lie and dig, by the end of the session I was thoroughly soaked through. Looking ahead at the dig face there is a tantalising gap over the top of the sediment and the roof has plenty of ‘scalloping’ evidence of strong water flow through the passage. Also detected a feint air movement.

 At the SW extent, progress was more productive as the digging area is more spacious.

About 100 bags (NE c.30, SW c.70) were filled, hauled, and emptied over the wall to the extension area below (to be levelled off during the coming week) and about 30 skip loads of rock were brought to the surface for wall-building.