24th February

Vince, Nick, Brockers, Jake, Jon, and Tav

Working on two fronts, Tav was dispatched to the ‘lonely spot’ at the far NE extent, beyond the Soft South, the support team would relieve him of his accumulation of filled bags later in the session. Meanwhile, Jon was forging ahead in the ‘Can of Worms’ in closer contact with the support team, Jake and Brockers. Nick was hauling back a steady supply of filled bags and rocks as the underground rockpile was being deployed to the surface for wall-building later in the coming week.  I was on the surface hauling the spoil to the surface. Nick occasionally resurfaced to help empty bags.

An unusual occurrence when the tranquillity of the setting was shattered by squawking children playing in the fields to the north of the woods. Not a particularly welcome noise.

 No-one paid too much attention to the bag count today it was probably somewhere between 100 and 120 filled, hauled, and emptied plus a lot of rocks including quite a few large ones, ideal for wall-building.