18th May

Vince, Jake, Jon, Nick, and Tav

I was up at the cave early to continue creating wall building material. Still clearing the accumulation of boulders at the bottom of the pot in the Sift South. There are a couple of more substantial boulders that might require more aggressive treatment, in the meantime, I will persevere with plugs and feathers. I was just about done and repacking kit when Jake arrived, followed shortly afterwards by the rest of the team. I headed off along the NE passage to dig at the far end, Tav settled in to open a Can of Worms.

 At the NE extent, a considerable quantity of sediment was removed from floor level, much of this was loose material that had become trampled, this increased the working height of the dig. Then proceeded to remove sediment from the sides and slowly moving forward (c.NE direction). The deposition layering is clearly visible – alternate bands of varying red and grey. The area to be excavated is broad. To the left side (c.NW direction) is a likely connection into Unexpected Development (it might be worth trying a voice connection next week). Of more interest is that the floor and roof appear to be dipping down steadily.  About midday digging at the NE end was finished and effort was concentrated to emptying the cave of amassed spoil. I went to the surface and started hauling bags out, then as the spoil was moved through the cave the rest of the team appeared on the surface to empty bags. Spoil dumped to the N while the weather is dry. About 90 bags filled, hauled, and emptied plus several loads of rock added to the walls.