1st June

Vince, Jake, Jon, Tav, Nick, Brockers, and Mike

I went up to the cave early again not to break-up rocks but have a tidy around the spoil dump, mostly clearing away vegetation and levelling-up, and creating space. Brockers arrived, he packed bags, and we talked. Soon the rest of the team arrived, and time to get underground, all except Jake who arrived fully kitted out for surface duties today.

Tav went to the lonely NE, Nick continued to open a Can of Worms, and everyone else was somewhere in between. Initially I followed Tav to the NE dig to take some photos before it got too steamy.

Tav fills bags at the NE extent of the current digging, well beyond Trick or Treat and parallel to the SE extent of An Unexpected Development. Image taken 1st June 2024.

I cleared a pile of bags that Tav had filled and was joined by Jon who helped bag movements. We returned to join the others. It was then a matter of moving filled bags and an assortment of rocks through the cave to the surface, keeping Jake occupied. It seems that Jake was ‘enjoying’ the sounds of playing children somewhere in the fields above the woods. It would quite some time before they moved on, and peace restored.

At the NE dig, Tav had uncovered a fine stalagmite during digging and suggested that a photographic record was taken. This was done. Unfortunately, Tav later reported that the stalagmite is ‘wobbly’. Hopefully it can be made secure with pinning and resin at some point in the future when the area around it has been fully cleared.

As last week the diggers seemed to very happy in their endeavours and were reluctant to cease activities, another later than normal end to the session. At least it was now peaceful on the surface and the weather was good. All the spoil was levelled, and rocks added to various walls, about 104 bags had been filled, hauled, and emptied plus around 20 skip loads of rocks for wall building.

As usual refreshments were enjoyed at out favourite hostelry. Another good, productive digging session.

Tav admires the fine stalagmite that he found buried within the sediments. Note the sheared tip – further evidence of frost/ice damage. At some time in the past Hallowe’en Rift would have been a fine and attractive cave. Image taken 1st June 2024