22nd June

Vince, Brockers, Jake, Jon, Nick, and Mike

Went up before the others arrived to get some photos of the wobbly stal at the NE end of the current digs. After photos were done made my way back out of the cave to the surface where I met up with the team. Jake made a beeline straight to the NE dig, Nick continued to open a Can of Worms, Brockers and Jon provided the support to the diggers, Mike settled in at the bottom of the entrance. I was on the surface hauling out the spoil. Managed to get some of the bags emptied – those from the NE were especially difficult to empty, when they arrived, rocks were added to the wall. When it all got too much the bags were left for later. The persistent accompaniment of buzzing flies was not welcome, and I was glad to find an insect repellent spray stuffed in a hole in a wall.

The ‘wobbly stal’ and layered sediments beyond. Image taken 22/06/2024

 Time passed and the diggers seemed reluctant to cease their activities and bring todays session to a conclusion. Eventually help arrived on the surface and the remaining bags emptied, wall extended, and a ‘count’ was made, arriving at 99 bags filled, hauled, and emptied, plus quite a few rocks including a couple of rather heavy ones!

 Refreshments at the Hunter’s were welcome, it had been a busy morning (on the surface) and warm too!

Perched rocks, possibly left behind as ice filling the passage in the Pleistocene thawed. Image taken 22/06/2024