6th July

Vince, Jake, Jon, Tav, Brockers, Nick

First job of the day was to liberate a large toad from the cave. As last week all our efforts were concentrated towards digging at the far NE extent of the cave beyond Trick or Treat. Jon was upfront loosening sediment and filling bags. The sediment was removed to reveal a thick false floor with another deposit of fine sediment below it. I was removing the filled bags back up the slope to Jake who transported the spoil across the chamber to the ‘hump’ where Tav dragged it through to the other side. Tav, assisted by Brockers, then shifted the bags (and occasional rocks) along to the pot where some of the spoil made it out to the surface. There was a rumour that someone or other had thought to open a Can of Worms, but this was never confirmed.

 Back at the main focus of digging, in between clearing stuff from Jon the slope was modified to enable a skip/drag tray to be employed in the future as forward progress is good. Meanwhile, Jon had strayed from the path and was going in the ‘wrong’ direction (to the ~east side) and was being influenced by an ‘open’ space in the roof above the sediment fill. It does appear to be an interesting development that requires further investigation. There is quite a lot going on at this dig at present. However, it was past midday, and the decision was made to move back and clear the cave of accumulated spoil. The count for today c.80 bags filled, hauled, and emptied plus a couple of skip loads or so of rocks for the wall.

 Glastonbury now over, the pub was reopen and it would have been churlish not to pay them a visit for the usual post-digging refreshments.