3rd June 2012

Another solo trip and a return to try and persuade the slab of flowstone to succumb to my efforts. Alas, to no avail the slab appears rather larger than at first estimated, although I did just about manage to raise it a fraction. It is apparent that we will have to resort to a rather more robust advanced speleological technology to shift the slab. Frustrating because the prospects beyond the blockage look so very good!

It is worth adding a cautionary note, long experience in cave exploration has shown that when viewing open space through small gaps, particularly in restricted passage then first appearances can sometimes be deceptive and things ain’t always as they seem!

I retired to the Hunter’s for refreshment and some contemplation. Then off to a very wet Priddy Friendly Society Day on the village green and quaffed rather too many glasses of Addlestones (cider). Some excellent live music was provided by The Drystones.

Author: mendipgeoarch

Archaeologist, Geologist, Speleologist