20th October 2012

With Alex. The plan was to continue clearing spoil from both ends of Toil and Trouble (left and right passages). Although still wet and muddy the drip wasn’t as strong as we had envisaged.

And at long last I remembered to bring the camera, although it now seems to be on it’s last legs…

The image below is looking back down through “eye of newt” along Toil and Trouble to where Alex is ready and waiting to haul skips of spoil back to the base of Witches Cauldron.

Today our plan was to clear some of the spoil from the left hand passage (image below)…

at the end of this passage there is an open rift that is, tantalisingly, too constricted to gain entry…at least for the moment!

However, back along to the end of the right hand passage (images above and below) there is another very, very interesting lead (the BDH lid is about 100mm diameter)…

above the cobbles there appears to be [relatively] open space, it’s a little too snug at the moment to get a proper look and to be sure how things are going to develop. There is a narrow rift, at this point about 200 to 300mm wide, that we assume is contemporaneous with the rift feature seen at the end of the left hand passage.

Author: mendipgeoarch

Archaeologist, Geologist, Speleologist