23rd March 2013

With Tav. At long last after several weekends taken up by work, conferences and illness we have got back to the task in hand. Weather is still crap – cold, wet with a bitter east wind. Not as much of a drip in the cave as had been expected and almost convinced myself it was pleasant digging conditions – a forlorn hope! Started to clear the sediment from off the slabs that constrict the immediate way ahead before starting to concentrate effort along the rift to the left. Rather annoyingly I have mislaid the small nailbar which must be buried in the mud somewhere. Following the left hand rift by removing a mixture of cobbles and boulders of conglomerate and flowstone, with sand, silt/clay opened up a strong draught again and relatively loosely packed fill material. We have reached an obvious ‘T’ junction and the cave beyond is developing into something interesting, at the moment continuation along the left hand rift is our best option and this is where we will concentrate our best efforts, at least for a while. Happy days!

Hopefully the full team will be back together in the not so distant future.

Retired to the Hunter’s for refreshment and discussion as usual.

Author: mendipgeoarch

Archaeologist, Geologist, Speleologist