30th March 2013

With Tav. There has been a marked improvement in the weather over the last few days – dry but chilly – although, it’s fair to say, it is still squalid at the end of Hallowe’en Rift. Continued digging to the left of the ‘T’ junction following the rift which although constricted to start with is now opening out. Cleared some calcite-cemented cobbles and boulders along with sediment out of the rift above and this made working a lot more comfortable, negating the worry of loose stuff falling on to my head! Digging along the rift relatively rapid progress is made by removal of cobbles and boulders of conglomerate and degraded flowstone and, of course, sediment; there are spaces in between the cobbles/boulders and the draught is, as ever, strong. Prospects are looking good – I just love this dig!

Hunter’s for refreshment.

Author: mendipgeoarch

Archaeologist, Geologist, Speleologist