6th April 2013

With Tav and Tangent. Glorious spring morning and markedly warmer than of late meant a pleasant stroll up to the entrance. A team of three enabled clearance of spoil from the end [and pot] back to the bottom of the entrance. Continued to dig forward along the left hand side of the ‘T’ junction which is still opening out; there is a relatively solid roof to the right, while to the left appears to comprise medium-dense packed sediment with cobbles and boulders. Clearing the spoil from overhead resulted in an eye full of muck – will have to follow Tav’s idea of wearing cycling goggles. Towards the end of the session there appeared to be more open spaces in between the cobbles/boulders directly ahead. Interestingly the draught wasn’t quite as pronounced today, probably due to the rise in surface temperatures. A very good session and plenty of spoil cleared back to the entrance [rocks] and bagged spoil out to the surface.

Hunter’s for well earned refreshment.

Author: mendipgeoarch

Archaeologist, Geologist, Speleologist