13th July 2013

Just the two of us today – me and Alex.

Very warm walk up the hill in the glorious sunshine – let’s hope this weather continues for ages!

Continued with the task of opening up the passage to the right of the T junction and cleared the debris from last weekend to one side to get a better look at things. There is a calcite flowstone floor over loose sediment with ~150mm of airspace over the top where a draught can be felt, there is a slight echo. Drilling into calcite is not very easy, hammer action does not function well, however the job was done and all the spoil from last weekend was piled back on top. Will have to wait until the next session to see how successful today’s effort has been, still there will be plenty of spoil to shift.

After refreshment at the Hunter’s spent a very pleasant afternoon at Priddy Folk Festival and then walking over to the Wessex hut to chat with Jodie Lewis’s archaeology students from Worcester before going up to look at the excavation on North Hill – very interesting.

Author: mendipgeoarch

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