20th July 2013

Just me and Tav this morning. Another warm walk up the hill, as soon as the cave was entered there was lovely cool, fresh air. The cave has dried out considerably during the last few weeks, just a little dampness along Toil and Trouble but it’s comfortable enough to wear cotton overalls without the oversuit. Cleared some of the debris piling up in T junction back to the bottom of Witches Cauldron ready to be hauled out at a later date. We only cleared enough of the spoil to be able to continue the enlargement work in relative comfort, concentrating this session on removing a bulge in the roof. The calcite floor noted last session is quite rotten in places and given enough headroom it might be possible to batter a way through it and make forward progress. With some of the spoil removed can now get a better look at the way ahead and it looks very promising indeed, it’s draughting well. Tav came up to the end with some required kit and to get a good look at the prospects ahead. Next week we will have a clear out session, hopefully there will be a bigger team available.

Author: mendipgeoarch

Archaeologist, Geologist, Speleologist