25th January 2014

Spent a while in the morning before setting off to meet up with the team fettling together a couple of drag trays, one for the dig in Trick or Treat! and a replacement for the skip in Toil and Trouble that is beginning to show signs of wear.

Digging with Jake and Alex.

Not quite the right sized team to dig the inclined bedding in Trick or Treat! so a rethink on strategy. We decided to resume the digging along the passage to the north of the ‘T’ Junction. While I took the drag tray and hauling line along to Trick or Treat! through, a now very wet puddle and duck, Jake started digging. After dropping off the drag tray and collecting a small bar for digging I returned to the ‘T’ Junction to help with the hauling, Alex was in the pot stacking the bags and rocks here ready to be removed later. After a while Jake and I swapped places until the available stacking space was full and we shifted back to clear the digging spoil out to the surface. Another good digging session and plenty of spoil shifted. There is a slab of rock in the dig that would make progress a little easier if it were removed, a job for the not too distant future. Session over we called in at the Hunter’s as usual.

Author: mendipgeoarch

Archaeologist, Geologist, Speleologist