15th February 2014

With Tav, Jake, Nick and Alex.

Nick and I went along Toil and Trouble to dig the lead north of ‘T’ Junction, meanwhile Jake positioned himself in the pot, Tav doing the shuttle run and Alex hauling out the spoil to the surface. We are currently following a lead with ~150mm open space over mixed sediment and rock with occasional chunks of degraded calcite flowstone, there is now a flat solid roof and a hint of fresher air rather than a draught, atmospheric conditions are not conducive to creating much air movement at the present time. A good quantity of spoil comprising sediment and assorted rocks was removed to the surface, it was then time to apply some technology to the removal of the large boulder that is a hindrance to comfortable digging at the end, also hope to remove a chunk of the ledge that the rock was perched on. That completed we made our way off the hillside to change and retire to the Hunter’s for refreshments and discussion.

Author: mendipgeoarch

Archaeologist, Geologist, Speleologist