22nd February 2014

Unfortunately I was unable to make it to Hallowe’en Rift today due to a prior commitment to continue my participation in the Stanton Drew Survey Project with other members of the Bath & Camerton Archaeological Society. The following update was provided by Tav:

“Tav, Jake, Nick

Last weeks attention to the awkward boulder had done its job and a vast volume of debris was
shifted. The boulder was removed completely, plus some of the ledge underneath.
Not content with that we then proceeded to remove the large rocks constricting
the entrance to the dig, which with a bit more tidying up will allow a skip to
be hauled right to the digging face. Two very large rocks remain. These will
break up but require a heavier hammer. Twenty or so bags were then taken right
out and a large pile of rocks stacked up in the entrance rift for clearance on another
day. It will come as no surprise that the cave remains filthy, nor that we
retired to the Hunters for a very well earned beer.”

Author: mendipgeoarch

Archaeologist, Geologist, Speleologist