15th March 2014

With Tav and Jake.

A clearing session today. Jake went up to the ‘T’ Junction, Tav decided to do the haul and shuttle from Stal Bend back to the bottom of the entrance; that left me in the pot. The pot seems to be the least favourite position among my compatriots, probably not because it’s hard graft hauling the skip along Toil and Trouble and then transferring the spoil to another skip that has to be shoved up and over your head, up the 2 metre pot ready to be hauled along to Stal Bend, it’s the copious mud that splatters from the hauling rope that always gets you in the face, most usually an eyeful! There was a lot of spoil shifted back to the entrance and the final task of the session was to remove this to the surface and empty the bags ready for the next digging trip. The sun made an appearance just as hauling began warming it up just when it was needed. Job done it was time for the Hunter’s.

Author: mendipgeoarch

Archaeologist, Geologist, Speleologist