8th March 2014

With Tav.

Took in another heavy duty hammer (and a chisel) as a lot of the digging kit is still in Trick or Treat! beyond the duck. After a number of relatively dry days the drips in the cave have decreased in their intensity, although the passages are still wet and squalid; the dig, however is fine. At the dig, north of ‘T’ Junction, the first task was to batter a large rock into submission. We then continued to dig taking it in turns at the face. the rocks and bags of spoil were stacked in ‘T’ Junction to be removed at a later date. We had been working our way over the top a bit so decided to come back and enlarge the passage dimension to make spoil removal more efficient. Started to clear spoil around another awkward piece of rock until we filled all the available bags and decided to call an end to the session. There is a good pile of material to be removed from the cave, hopefully we will have a bigger team next session.

Hunter’s of course!

Author: mendipgeoarch

Archaeologist, Geologist, Speleologist