31st May 2014

With Jake, Tav and Alex.

We started the session by packing up the empty bags at the surface ready to drag them along to the end to be refilled. At the dig face Jake took the first digging shift, while I settled into the rather damp ‘T’ Junction, Tav in the pot and Alex doing the hauling from Stal Bend and shuttling the spoil filled bags and rocks along to the base of the entrance shaft. Eventually Jake and I swapped positions. Digging is relatively easy now that it’s possible to stand up and dig with the spade; the spoil comprises of sediment with cobbles and boulders. There are spaces opening up in the floor to north revealing clean washed cobbles and boulders and a gradually undercutting clean, solid east wall. The height from the bottom of the dig to the ceiling above is about 4 metres and still going. Prospects ahead are looking good, although there is still a lot of spoil to be dug out and shifted yet. The last task of the day was to haul the filled bags to the surface and empty them ready for the next digging session. Then off to the Hunter’s!

Author: mendipgeoarch

Archaeologist, Geologist, Speleologist