7th June 2014

With Alex and Tav.

As last week packed up the empty bags and dragged them along to the dig ready to be filled again. I took the first digging shift, Tav in the ‘T’ Junction and Alex hauling and stacking in the pot. We concentrated our effort on cleaning out and consolidating the space we have created going down. There appeared to be an exposure of solid rock in the west wall. After a while Tav and I swapped places. At the end of the session solid rock was confirmed and the large boulder at the top of rift(?) requires removal to open up access and ease the digging effort, will try to get hold of a new sledge hammer in the week. It is possible that we are at the top of a small vadose canyon but more digging will be required to investigate further. There was a faint draught detected today as the surface temperatures began to rise.

Author: mendipgeoarch

Archaeologist, Geologist, Speleologist