19th July 2014

With Tav.

Just the two of us, the rest of the team are of fulfilling other commitments, like family and work. Anyway bagged up some empties on the surface and took them along to the current dig so we could fill them up again. Took it in turns to dig and the filled bags were stacked in the T Junction. The digging is the easiest job although it’s a bit of an effort to lift the bags up the slope; downwards progress has been quite rapid. The sediment is loosely compacted sandy silt interspersed with the occasional boulder and fragmented flowstone. There is a pocket of yellow sandy silt/clay that is ochreous and a bit more claggy. The cave is drying out and becoming more comfortable, apart from one short stretch in Toil and Trouble that remains damp. At the end of digging we hauled the considerable pile of bags down into the pot, which is now full, ready for removal to the surface next session. We emerged from the cave satisfied with the effort and made our way to the Hunter’s for refreshment.

Author: mendipgeoarch

Archaeologist, Geologist, Speleologist