26th July 2014

With Jake, Tav and Alex.

We began the morning’s session by clearing the backlog of bags from the pot out to the surface and emptied them. Jake then headed up to the dig going north off T Junction to start filling more bags. Meanwhile I took up position in the T Junction, Tav in the pot and Alex shuttling to the entrance. Filled bags and an assortment of rocks and calcite were removed at a good steady rate and progress continues downwards. It appears that the east wall is starting to undercut a little, but this cannot yet be fully determined. Jake did report back that he had come across sediment that initially appeared to be stream derived, e.g. pebbles with black coating, and gravel, although this became buried under loose silt fill. After a while we decided it was time to clear all the spoil out to the surface and the cave was left empty of bags, etc. ready for next week’s session. Up to the Hunter’s Lodge to quaff some particularly fine Bath Ales SPA.

Author: mendipgeoarch

Archaeologist, Geologist, Speleologist