11th October 2014

With Alex, Tav and Jake.

Back for another good session in the Hallowe’en Health Club – best 2hr workout on Mendip, it’s better than any gym I’ve been to!

I took the first digging stint shifted some rocks leftover from last session and then started filling bags. Used the mattock to loosen sediment from digging face which was then bagged up. Filled 3no. bags at a time before moving them up out of the c.2m deep pot where they are hauled to the T Junction and out to the entrance. Jake was at the ‘T’, Tav in the pot and Alex hauling and shuttling to the entrance. I filled c.20 bags then swapped over with Jake and cooled down at the ‘T’ while Jake filled another c.20 bags. That done it was time to move back and get all the spoil out to the surface. Another fine session shifting about a third of a ton of spoil out of the cave; there’s still plenty more to come. To the Hunter’s for some re-hydration fluid.

Author: mendipgeoarch

Archaeologist, Geologist, Speleologist