18th October 2014

With Tav, Jake and Nick.

Tav and Nick’Two Bags’ Hawkes did the digging, ‘Two Bags’ because every now and again there was a tendency to try and get two bags worth of spoil into a single bag. I did the pot duties while Jake did the shuttling. 40 bags later and several loads of rocks and boulders it was time to clear out to the surface. Cave cleared out it was time for the pub.

As the Johnson’s were child free this evening it seemed like a good idea for a few of us to meet up for a little soiree – so the Johnson’s, Hawkes, Simmonds and Keith and Carole all met at the Hunter’s and at closing time instead of going home we got some carry out’s and with a bottle of Johnson’s Sloe Gin we visited some local caving hut’s to continue drinking until the early hours of Sunday morning. The result was quite a few sore heads for the rest of Sunday, I for one did nothing!

Author: mendipgeoarch

Archaeologist, Geologist, Speleologist