22nd November 2014

With Jake, Tav and Nick.

Me and Nick went to the end, Tav in the pot and Jake on the shuttle. On arriving at the T Junction I took a couple of minutes to bail out the puddles before settling into position, Nick was at the end filling bags. Tav and Jake set about clearing the stash of rocks in the pot. After a short spell of digging Nick called back to say he could see a very small space ahead and the spoil was becoming more rocky, which sounded interesting, a change in character. Nick filled about 20 bags and we then changed over and I went to have a look at the progress. On the left there appears to be a solid wall, or a very large boulder, with what looks like some old flowstone and fluting, ahead [north] and there are some tiny spaces amongst the stony fill, lower down close to the contact with the bedding the sediment in mostly stone free. I filled another 10 bags and cleared a pile of rocks back and it was then time to go and clear the entrance of bags and rocks. Easily 60 skip loads of bags and rocks out to the surface, cave cleared ready for the next session. Time to head up to HQ and refreshments.

Went to the Digging thingy in the evening at the Hunter’s. Good to meet up with some old chums.

Author: mendipgeoarch

Archaeologist, Geologist, Speleologist