29th November 2014

With Jake, Tav and Alex.

Nick called earlier to say he couldn’t make it today. Alex decided to go for a walk along the ridge and would meet us at the entrance later to help with hauling out the spoil, so dropped him off at Dursdon Drove. Got to the farm and started to get changed when I realized that I didn’t have any wellies (they are in the shed on site in Charlton Marshall) so had to wear my nice clean trainers much to the amusement of my colleagues! Jake and Tav did the digging while I settled down in the pot and tried to avoid standing in the puddle at the bottom. 30 bags later along with some rocks it was time to shift the spoil out of the cave. I carefully bailed out the puddles along the approach passage and my feet remained dry but my trainers were rather soiled. Alex was at the surface as arranged and did the hauling. Diggers report that there is a solid wall to the left and there is looser spoil ahead [north] and that the air is fresh at the end, all sounds good to me. To the pub!

Author: mendipgeoarch

Archaeologist, Geologist, Speleologist