18th July 2015

With Jake and Tav. Alex came over later to help with the hauling of bags and rocks.

Tav was at the business end, I initially hauled spoil up and out of the pot whilst Jake had opted to do the shuttling back and forth to the entrance. After we had cleared the bags filled by me last session I moved down into the pot to shift the rock piled there while Tav carried on with digging along and down the rift. Tav filled 40 bags and succeeded in lowering the floor in the rift by nearly one metre. By that time there were only a few small rocks remaining in the pot (which were left there) but a considerable pile of 50 bags and numerous rocks in the entrance ready to be hauled out to the surface. It was warm and the swarming flies on the surface were really annoying, when we had cleared the entrance time was moving on and thirst needed quenching, off to the Hunter’s!

Author: mendipgeoarch

Archaeologist, Geologist, Speleologist