25th July 2015

With Nick, Jake and Tangent, who made a late appearance.

Jake took 40 bags to the end and started digging, I was in the pot clearing the last of the rocks and filled bags as they arrived at my feet. Nick did the hauling up the pot and shuttling back and forth to the entrance. With two of us working in the pot there is not much respite for the digger and as the bags were rapidly filled, then more empties were requested – 70 bags filled, the rocks cleared from the pot plus a few more rocks and in excess of 80 loads were shifted out to the surface. Tangent looked rather warm after hauling most of the bags up the entrance and he had emptied most of them – his penance for late arrival (and he then had to pedal up to the Hunter’s). At least the flies didn’t seem to be such a nuisance today. An excellent session.

Author: mendipgeoarch

Archaeologist, Geologist, Speleologist