13th September 2015

With Jake and Tav.

Sunday digging this weekend after my trip to Ogof Draenen yesterday.

Jake did the digging, I took up position in the pot, while Tav did the shuttling to the entrance and started to gouge a channel to divert water. Tav has purchased a pump with the intention of draining the dig should it fill with water through the autumn and winter. We filled and emptied 40 bags and then called it a day.

Refreshments at the Hunter’s for a while before the annual cricket match on the green between the Cavers and Priddy Village CC. I arrived late and the game was already underway but was allowed to replace Butch who didn’t want to play. I managed to take a couple of wickets and hit a four but was caught while going for another boundary. The Cavers lost as usual but were much closer this year. It was time for home.

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