17th October 2015

With Tav and Jake. Alex came along to help haul and empty bags later.

Jake carried the pump up the hill while Tav and me followed with a container filled with water for flushing the pump after use. 25 litres of water gets heavy after a while and it was a slog up the hill. It has been a dry week so the pump wasn’t actually needed but everything is in place for the future. My turn to dig, Jake in the pot, Tav hauling and shuttling to the entrance where the bags were stacked for later. I mixed the remaining slop with drier sediment and eventually the floor was quite tidy and drying out. At the moment we are following what appears to be phreatic development, sort of parallel to but lower than Toil and Trouble, the floor seems to be going in a slightly downward direction, which is good. The digging is comfortable [at the moment] and 40 bags and assorted rocks were shifted out to the surface – another pleasing session. Hunter’s for refreshment.

Author: mendipgeoarch

Archaeologist, Geologist, Speleologist